Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How can I get in touch with someone in an emergency?

A: In the event of immediate personal or property danger please first contact the local police department, fire department or 911, then call the KEW Realty emergency hotline at (303) 329-8100, press 6 when prompted. If you have a maintenance emergency, call our emergency hotline and our team will respond promptly.

Q: What does the KEW in KEW Realty stand for?  

A: KEW Realty, the company, stands for carefully selected, skillfully managed investments in office, industrial and retail properties. KEW the name comes from Kew Gardens, a neighborhood in Queens, NYC, where our parent company first owned property. The original Kew Gardens is the Royal Botanic Gardens outside London, England.

Q: What is a typical lease term?

A: KEW Realty’s typical lease terms are between 3 and 5 years. However, we are committed to working with out tenants and finding a lease term that best meets their needs when possible.

Q: Does KEW cooperate with brokers?

A: KEW Realty offers sophistication, knowledge and expertise while working directly with the business owners. KEW Realty has a solid history of cooperating with brokers and offers competitive commission rates along with extremely fast response time.

Q:  Does KEW manage properties for other owners?

A: KEW Realty Corporation is a fully integrated, self-managed, self administered real estate company focused on owning and operating our commercial properties in Colorado. It is because of our comittment to tenant satisfaction, we only manage our own properties.

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